How to Add Stereo Viewporttm to Your Images

Features not available for all browsers, but we're working on it! The Stereo Viewporttm can be used to add enhanced stereo capabilities to the images on your website.


  • Display large images in a small space!
  • Use a single image for all screen resolutions!
  • Zoom and Scroll images!
  • Provide multiple stereo formats!
  • Use standard image tags!

Easy to do!

Since the Stereo Viewporttm operates on ordinary "HTML" IMG (image) tags, adding Viewport capabilities to your existing web pages is easy!

These steps show how to add Stereo Viewport 1.0 to your webpages.

  • Step 3 shows how to enter an image tag in the Stereo Viewport script.
  • Step 4 shows what to add to the header of your webpage.
Currently, only one image per webpage can be used with the Stereo Viewport!


  1. Open your webpage using a text editor. Then find the IMG tag which surrounds the stereo image.
    The image tag should look something like this:

  2. Put the image tag inside the sviewport() function and javascript tags like this:

  3. Now add these optional image properties!
    • sborder sets the space around the stereo images.
    • srcwidth is the actual pixel width of the file.
    • srcheight is the actual pixel height of the file.
    • bordercolor sets the background color for the Viewport.

    Here's the full version ready to be copied and pasted into your webpage!

  4. Finally copy and paste the following just above the /HEAD tag of your page and your all set.


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