PokeScope® Stereoscopic Software
Advanced stereoscopic software for students, educators, and professionals.
New in version 2.4!
Improved cropping tools.
Mirroring left of right image.
New in version 2.2!
New improved toolbar and user interface.
Automatic loading of left and right images from two files.
New in version 2.0!
RGB and YCbCr jpeg colorspaces;
Separate left and right image controls on the toolbar

Stereo Formats
Anaglyph (Red-Cyan)

Compatible Hardware
Anaglyph Glasses
PokeScope viewer
LC Shutter Glasses

Trial Version  11-25-2002
Help File  11-25-2002

Prices and Ordering
Stereoscopic Software 
PokeScope 3D 
Standard Edition version 2.4  For Windows® 95/98/NT/2000/XP

The Pokescope 3D software is a combination stereo image editor and stereo image viewer.  The editing functions include: stereo cropping and alignment, grayscale color, stereo format conversions and basic image transformations. 


  • Load stereo images from one or two files 
  • Convert anaglyph images to other stereo formats
  • Stereo cropping and alignment functions 
  • Swap left and right images in any stereo format 
  • Zoom and scroll images in any stereo format
  • Create instant slideshows when opening files 
  • Slideshow player commands 

PokeScope 3D Menu and Toolbar

The most commonly used functions are accessible on the toolbar. 

  • The image selection tools save mega-time when opening files.
  • The stereo format buttons make stereo conversions a snap (click).
  • The editing, screen mode, player and zoom functions make editing and viewing stereo images a breeze.

When the Two File Input button is selected, additional controls for opening and selecting left and right images appear on the toolbar. 

Click on the image with the right mouse button to view the image full size.

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