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Pokescope® 3D Photo Competition Results

These are the results for the Pokescope 3D Photo Competition, 2005. 
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Surfaces -- Top Images

Objects -- Top Images

Spaces -- Top Images

Winning Images in each Category
Top Ranking Photographers with Images and Scores
Contest Announcement

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Prizes Recipients
Pokescope Lanc Controller and Deluxe Slidebar
Yes, this prize was upgraded from the announced prize.

Grand Prize Winner
Jim Gasperini
Collectors' Red Pokescope viewer
Top All-Around Entrants
Jim Long
Jim Gasperini
David Kesner
Imre Zsolnai-Nagy
Nancy Moxom
Norm Henkels
Dennis Hanser
Red Pokescope viewer

Top Images
Bernardo Galmarini
Boris Starosta
Brian Greenstone
Clause Krarup
Dale Walsh
Linda Nygren
Mark Golebiowski
Ray Hannisian
Shahrokh Dabiri
Takashi Sekitani
Terry Wilson

There were 49 entries and a total of 347 images submitted to this competition.  

The images were judged in separate sessions for each category.  The judging was performed in two stages: In the first stage, each image was digitally projected for about 10 seconds while the judges scored the image on a 5 point scale.   In the second stage, the top scoring images were viewed more carefully and compared.   Then the top 1st and 2nd place images were selected in each category.   The selected 1st and 2nd place images often did not receive the top scores in the initial viewing.   This is common when using this type of judging method.   The judging was completed in four hours.

Assisting with the judging were six professionals with training in art.   They were

  • Susan Van Baerle - Hennepin Technical College - 3d Animation Instructor
  • Laura Hoyt - Director of Weinstein Gallery in Minneapolis
  • Dave Novak - MCAD Minneapolis College of Art and Design - Head of Animation
  • Stan Bissinger - ITT Technical Institute in Minnesota- 3d Animation Instructor
  • Audrey Robinson - Producer ReelWorks (Grand prize winner 2004 years Minnesota Siggraph)
  • David Yantos - Hennepin Technical College - Advanced Art and Design Instructor

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