Announcing the Second Pokescope 3D Photo Competition
Camouflage, Semi-Transparency, and Reflections
Accepting Images Now
deadline December 10, 2006

Contest Winners

Due to the success of last year's competition, we have decided to hold another 3D photo competition.   This year's categories are Camouflage, Semi-Transparency, and Reflections.   These categories are roughly defined by the pages showing sample images.  Perhaps the most complex category is semi-tranparency.   The samples page helps define this category more broadly than might be expected. 

The sample pages for camouflage and reflections have few examples, however you can see a couple more examples of camouflage images on the semi-tranparency page. 

The entries in this competition will be shown and judged at the second Stereographic Art and Photography Conference sponsored by Pokescope Products.   The deadline for submitting your images is December 10, 2006.  The grand prize will be a complete digital stereo camera based on the Pokescope Lanc controller, two Sony V1 cameras and Deluxe slidebar.

Grand Prize 
Grand Prize
Winners need not be present to collect the prizes.   The prizes will be shipped to the winners.  

The Competition

The competition is for the best set of three images one from each of the three categories below.   You can enter 2-3 images for each category.  Your top scoring image in each category will count toward the top prize.  See Judging/Selecting below.  Images submitted to us in previous competitions are not eligible for this competition.  (You need to submit different images.)

There will also be several merit awards for the best sets of images one in each category by a single photographer and for individual images in each category.   These awards will be special "collectors' issue" blue Pokescope 3D viewers or blue Pokescope viewers.   The viewers are molded from special blue ABS plastic rather than the traditional black.  

Collector's Blue Pokescope Viewer

Awarded to top sets of three images.
Blue Pokescope Viewer

Awarded to top images in each category.

How to Submit Images

Images can be submitted to:

Or you can send your images on a disk to:
Monte Ramstad, 211 Ridgecrest Drive, Cannon Falls, Minnesota 55009, USA

See Image Specifications below.  Along with your images, please include your name, address, and the stereo clubs you belong to if any such as ISU,NSA, and local clubs. 

If there is something interesting about your images which you would like to share, please help us understand your images by including a short description or comment with your images. 

The Three Categories: Camouflage, Transparency and Reflections

Stereo vision apparently evolved from a need to perceive depth.  This competition is about subjects which can't be viewed well in 2D or look dull in 2D, but are exciting when viewed in stereo.  We have identified three categories for this competition.

Sample Images
Category 1. "Camouflage -- This can be coincidental camouflage or purposeful camouflage (avoiding predators).  The camouflaged subject doesn't need to be living it only needs to blend with the background."  


Sample Images
Category 2. "Transparency  -- In this type of subject, there are two or more surfaces which can be seen through each other."  

Sample Images
Category 3. "Reflections -- In this type of subject, reflections cause additional levels of depth in the subject."  


Rather than describe these categories in great detail, we hope to illustrate the range of these categories with the set of images above.  If you would like to participate in these competitions, you are encouraged to submit images which are not only nice images, but which also help better define the categories above as you interprete them.

Image Specifications

The images will be projected with 1024x768 resolution projectors during judging.  In order to project the images without resizing, we appreciate receiving images with 1024 pixel widths for each side or 768 pixel heights.  However, slightly smaller or larger images will be projected without resizing or with resizing whichever is most pleasing to view.  If you do not have exactly these dimensions, it is best to submit what you have rather than resizing them.

We will not put these high resolution images on the web. Furthermore, we do not assume to own the copyright on the images.  We may put lower resolution images up to 500 pixel width per side on our website unless we receive a request not to do so.  However, we assume that for images submitted to us, permission is granted to us to use the full resolution images in educational presentations where the images may be projected with polarized projectors. 


Due to the subjective nature of judging images, we prefer to use the phrase selecting images.  The details of selecting images for awards are not yet determined, but we hope to have several people involved in the process.  The images will be selected on at least these four criteria:

  • How well the image fits in the category
  • The artistic quality of the image
  • The technical quality of the image
  • The interest level of the image


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