Deep Earth Nine

Deep Earth Nine

by David W. Kesner

In glorious 3D, David takes us where few people have been before!



Water Slot "The Water Slot" A caver comes out of a stream passage
Checking "Checking A Lead" A caver head over heels checking a small passage
Twin Spires "Twin Spires" Extrusions in a lava cave formed when molten basalt is pushed up through a hole in the floor
Ascending "Ascending the Vanishing Stairwell" A cave climbs a rope with mechanical ascenders
Jennifer "Jennifer Through The Window" A caver posing behind some formations
Lava Tube "Tube In A Tube" Cavers sitting on a lava tube inside a larger lava tube
Best Side "Caver's Best Side" A caver crawling through a passage
Coolin "Coolin' Off" A caver cooling off in a 34 degree F stream
Pretties "Pretties" Stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws, columns, and other formations
Ferns "Glowing Ferns" A natural terrarium in a lava cave located in a hot barren desert

Images Copyright (c) 2001 Dr. Dave's Dimensional Photography.

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